Sweet & Salty Peel-Off Mask

Sweet & Salty Peel-Off Mask

Offer to your clients the Sweet & Salty Transparent Peel-Off Mask. It provides an astronishing freshness and brings well-being to the skin. Its originality comes from its elastic texture that offers a unique sensation of comfort: a fresh, natural and skin-tightening effect.

Follow each of our steps :

1- Apply the Astringent Lotion.
2- Pour the Sweet & Salty Transparent Peel-Off Mask powder into a shaker.
3- Add 30 ml of water into the shaker and shake it.
4- Apply the mask and let sit for 15 minutes.
5- Peel off the mask.
6- Rinse with a humid gauze.
7- Apply the Protecting Cream.



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