Silhouet-Tone Corporation




  1. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY covers any manufacturing, material and workmanship defects of the equipment, accessories and spare parts (PRODUCTS) manufactured by SILHOUET-TONE.
  2. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration or modification of a product, as well as any improper, unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, fire, improper loading and shipping (such activities are under the merchandise owner’s responsibility), lightning, power surges, or other acts of nature.
  3. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from transportation of a product between numerous treatment places, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by ST to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product.
  4. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY does not cover reasonable wear, deterioration or dysfunction of a product or its accessories following intensive or continuous use over time.
  5. Failing to follow the instruction manual or any maintenance guidelines including de use of inappropriate or non-approved cleaning products (for example alcohol), will void all or parts of SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY. 
  6. Any damage, deterioration or defective functioning of a product resulting from a situation identified in the previous items 2, 3, 4 and 5 will lead to voiding SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY. 
  7. The validity of SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY is attributed to the original owner of the product. The WARRANTY is not transferable.
  8. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY is extended to a client of a SILHOUET-TONE accredited distributor who becomes the effective “original owner” of the product. 
  9. Without limiting any exclusion describe herein, SILHOUET-TONE does not warrant that the product covered hereby, including, without limitation, the technology and/or electronic components included in the product, will always be available or not become obsolete or that such items are or will remain compatible with any other product or technology with which the product may be used. 
  10. SILHOUET-TONE’S LIMITED WARRANTY takes effect on the date the product is purchased directly or through an accredited distributor and paid for by its original owner.
  11. SILHOUET-TONE ensures that all shipped product are adequately packaged.
  12. In the case were SILHOUET-TONE must use the services of a third-party transportation service company for the delivery of any merchandise, SILHOUET-TONE cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged merchandise in the course of its delivery.In such a case, the customer must upon delivery, clearly report the issue on the delivery receipt and immediately advise SILHOUET-TONE’s After Sales department.Following further examination after delivery and reception of the merchandise, a customer may realise that the shipment is incomplete, the product received is not the product ordered or the product is not functioning properly. In such cases the customer must advise SILHOUET-TONE’s After Sales department, no later than 48 hours after taking delivery of the merchandise.
  13. For any claim submitted, SILHOUET-TONE will subsequently proceed to evaluate the claim, examine if conditions of its policies have been met and will advise the customer of what follow-up steps may be taken.
  14. It is of the original owner’s responsibility to ensure that the purchased product is properly installed and used, as well as relevant security measures are put into place and followed.In no case shall SILHOUET-TONE be responsible for any direct, indirect, unforeseen, incidental or consequential damages resulting from a breach of warranty or from conditions that arise from the direct or indirect responsibility of the product’s owner, nor be held to pay any costs resulting from an act or the absence of thereof on the part of the owner or a user under the owner’s responsibility.



15. SILHOUET-TONE Furniture
Wood Structure 2 years The LIMITED WARRANTY covers manufacturing, component and labour defects of equipment, accessories and replacement parts – Non-transferable – Valid only for original purchaser – Shipping costs are not included – Other conditions may apply – Please consult Silhouet-Tone’s Limited Warranty Policy for full details
Metal Structure LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on all welded metal components as long as product is commercially available. Validity for labour is 2 years.
Electrical motor & Hydraulic components 2 years
Remote and Pedal 1 year
Cushion & Padding 3 years

16. SILHOUET-TONE Specialized Equipment
All devices manufactured by SILHOUET-TONE 2 years (see previous conditions)
IPL AngeLite + treatment heads 1 year

17. Accessories for SILHOUET-TONE Specialized Equipment
All Accessories 6 month (see previous conditions)

18. Inspection / Calibration (Please consult your instruction manual)
RMD 2 years – Yearly inspection and calibration are required (see previous conditions) – Calibration is essential to maintain the validity of the LIMITED WARRANTY – Applicable fees as per price list
IPL AngeLite 1 year – Yearly Inspection and Calibration recommended for the hand pieces – Yearly Inspection and Calibration and required for the hand pieces at 60 000 pulses

19. SILHOUET-TONE Equipment
For the following equipment:Vapo, Combo Cirrus 500, Vac-spray, High frequency, Rotary Brush, Iontoderm, Sterilux, Wax Warmer 2 years (see previous conditions)

20. ESTHETIKA Furniture and Other Equipment Not Manufactures by SILHOUET-TONE
All products 1 year (see previous conditions)


  1. Merchandise cannot be returned without its original owner having received beforehand, a return authorisation (RA) number requested and obtained from SILHOUET-TONE’s After Sales department. Any merchandise shipped without an RA number will be returned to the sender at their cost and responsibility. 
  2. All RA authorised merchandise must be returned in its original packaging or in a new equivalent packaging. 
  3. The customer is fully responsible for the shipping of all authorised merchandise for which an RA number has been given, including repackaging, shipping and return costs, insurance, etc. 
  4. SILHOUET-TONE cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages that may occur during shipment in a return process. 
  5. All RA authorised merchandise must be shipped within 30 calendar days from the date of the issue of a return authorisation number. An RA number is no longer valid after this period. Past this period, a customer will need to obtain a new RA number as well as validate any steps and estimates that were authorised and paid for. 
  6. If any merchandise is not claimed by a customer after 6 months from the reception date by SILHOUET-TONE’s After Sales department, such merchandise is deemed to be the property of SILHOUET-TONE. 
  7. Except for merchandise that has received an RA number for the purpose of a repair or maintenance, all other cases of returned merchandise are subject to a 20% handling and restocking fee. Transportation costs are applicable. No return will be authorised after 30 days following the date of purchase. 
  8. Silhouet-Tone reserves the right to refuse any return of purchased merchandise. 
  9. For a product under warranty for which a return was previously authorized and for which an inspection determined that the defect was of a manufacturing, component or labour nature, all shipping costs will be credited to the product’s owner. 
  10. For more information on our Merchandise Return Policy please contact our After Sales department at 1-450-687-9456 ext.: 129


  1. Payment of orders
    1. All purchase orders are payable in full upon delivery.
    2. For direct purchases, SILHOUET-TONE accepts payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard), checks (for orders under $1000) and certified checks (for orders over $1000).
    3. For an account-client (with the exception of a distributor), who has a 30-day term condition by SILHOUET-TONE’s Credit Department may use such account to pay its purchases with the exception of purchases of specialized equipment and furniture. 
  2. Property of purchased merchandise
    All merchandise remains the property of SILHOUET-TONE Corporation until full payment has been received.
  3. Monthly fees
    All accounts with a past-due balance are subject to administrative fees of 1% per month.
  4. Price and products
    1. Prices, products and their availability are subject to changes WITHOUT NOTICE
    2. Purchased merchandise cannot be returned after 30 days.
    3. Under no condition will SILHOUET-TONE accept to reimburse any merchandise.
    4. Clients are invited to verify if any changes are applicable before submitting a purchase order. 
  5. Delevery of merchandise
    Delivery of all purchases is generally made through independent ground transportation with standardised delivery times. Any additional delivery requests will incur additional costs to the client.
  6. Inspection of received merchandise
    1. All shipped merchandise by SILHOUET-TONE to a customer must be verified and inspected by such customer BEFORE signing the delivery receipt.
    2. Following such inspection, if a customer discovers that merchandise may be missing or damaged following the reception of such merchandise, the customer must advise SILHOUET-TONE’s Customer Service department of the issue, no later than 48 hours following the reception of such merchandise. SILHOUET-TONE will not examine any remediation of the issue if the missing or damaged merchandise has not been reported within such time period.
    3. In the case where damage to the merchandise could be in appearance a result of the transportation and delivery of such merchandise, the customer must indicate such damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE signing it. SILHOUET-TONE recommends taking a clear photograph of the damages and immediately advising SILHOUET-TONE’s Customer Service department of the issue. 
  7. Repair, Maintenance and Service Fees
    1. In compliance with item 3 of the MERCHANDISE RETURN POLICY, the owner is responsible for the shipping of the merchandise as well as all related costs (packaging, transportation, insurance, etc.).
    2. All risks of lost or damage of a product shipped to SILHOUET-TONE or returned to a customer are under the customer’s full responsibility.
    3. All service and maintenance fees and repair costs of a product including parts must be paid in full before a work order is approved.
    4. The current hourly rate for a repair is $85/hour.
      Fees for the inspection of a product are set at a flat rate of $85.
      If a product does not require servicing following an inspection, only the inspection flat fee will be applicable.
    5. For a device or an accessory under warranty, if a repair or a change of component is required, approved and in compliance with the LIMITED WARRANTY POLICY, any costs or charges billed will be reimbursed, including any applied inspection fee.
    6. For a device or an accessory no longer under warranty, no inspection fee will be levied for an approved repair or change of component. All other charges for the execution of maintenance, repair and the cost of a component will apply.
    7. In the exceptional case that a device NOT under warranty must undergo repairs for the same problem more than once within a 3-months period, all related costs (repair, parts, shipping and labour) will be waived.
    8. SILHOUET-TONE’s Technical Service department can occasionally do service calls in areas not exceeding 50 km of SILHOUET-TONE’s place of business in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto. In these service areas, a flat service-call charge of $85 is charged in addition to the applicable hourly rate.
    9. For service calls beyond this distance, an additional service fee of $85 an hour as well as applicable kilometre charges will apply.
    10. The decision to make an on-site service is at the discretion SILHOUET-TONE.
    11. For additional information, please communicate with SILHOUET-TONE’s After Sales Service at 450-687-9456 ext.: 129.


Note: Not all devices may be licenced

La politique de garantie limitée de Silhouet-Tone


Toute commande régulière est payable sur réception. Nous acceptons les paiements par chèques (pour les sommes inférieures à 1000$), par chèques certifiés (pour les sommes supérieures à 1000$), ainsi que les cartes de crédit Visa ou MasterCard. Les clients possédant un compte net 30 jours, peuvent l’utiliser pour l’ensemble des achats de produits à l’exception des appareils haut de gamme Silhouet-tone et du mobilier Silhouet-Tone.

La marchandise est la propriété de Corporation Silhouet-Tone jusqu’au paiement complet de la facture.

Tous les comptes impayés sont assujettis à des frais d’administration de 2 % par mois ou de 18 % par année.
Les prix et les produits sont sujets à des changements sans préavis.

Veuillez prendre note qu’aucun retour de marchandise ne sera accepté sans numéro d’autorisation, le numéro d’autorisation est valide pour une durée de 30 jours. Après ces 30 jours, si aucune réception d’appareil n’a été faite, le numéro de retour devient invalide.

Si un appareil n’est pas réclamé 6 mois suivant la réception de celui-ci à nos bureaux, il devient la propriété de la Corporation Silhouet-Tone.

Le transport se fait par voie terrestre (standard). Le transport aérien est possible advenant une demande du client et encourra des frais supplémentaires.

Aucun échange après 30 jours à partir de la date d’achat.

Politique de Garantie

Les garanties sont limitées aux pièces de rechange, aux réparations ou aux remplacements de la marchandise par le fabricant, et ce, à la discrétion de Silhouet-Tone. Toutes les  garanties excluent : une installation inadéquate, tout type d’accidents, une utilisation abusive ou mauvaise, une négligence, une utilisation autre que celle prévue ou une usure raisonnable due au temps.  (Exemple : déchirures, égratignure)

La garantie sera annulée en cas de modifications et/ou de réparations non autorisées par le fabricant et Silhouet-Tone ne sera pas tenue responsable du produit ou de tout dommage causé par son utilisation.

L’acheteur et ses clients sont responsables de l’installation et de l’utilisation adéquates de tous les produits ainsi que de toutes mesures de surveillance en matière de sécurité. En aucun cas, Silhouet-Tone ne sera tenue responsable de tout dommage indirect, imprévu, corrélatif, et des coûts supplémentaires ou punitifs qui pourraient en découler.

L’utilisation de produits de nettoyage non approuvés, inappropriés annule la garantie. Ne pas utiliser aucun produit contenant de l’alcool. Vous référer au « manuel de utilisateur « ou « manuel d’instruction » pour l’entretien de votre appareil ou mobilier.

Également, la garantie limitée de Silhouet-Tone ne couvre pas les dommages ou l’usure relié à un transport continuel du produit entre différents lieux, des altérations ou réparations non autorisées ou exécutées par une personne non accréditée ou autorisée par Silhouet-Tone.

Toute la marchandise doit être vérifiée à la réception. Si un dommage est constaté ou un item est manquant, nous devons être avisés au plus tard 48 heures après la réception de la marchandise.
Politique de retour

Les produits doivent être retournés dans leur emballage d’origine ou un nouvel emballage munit du numéro d’autorisation fourni par le Service à la clientèle de Silhouet-Tone. Le client est responsable du réemballage adéquat des produits retournés et il doit s’assurer qu’ils ne sont pas endommagés durant le transport (tout dommage résultant de cette négligence relève de la responsabilité du client et lui sera chargé).

Tous les produits doivent être retournés dans les 30 jours suivant l’émission du numéro d’autorisation. Les frais de transport et de réemballage sont à la charge du client.

Tous retours fait l’objet de 20% de frais de manutention, ou de frais de remise en inventaire ou de frais de transport.

Silhouet-Tone se réserve le droit de refuser certains retours si le motif est jugé non valable. S’il n’y a pas de numéro d’autorisation, la marchandise sera retournée au client à ses frais.

Veuillez communiquer avec le département du Service après ventes au 450-687-9456 ext  129,  pour plus d’information sur notre politique de retour.

Frais de Vérification ou Réparation

Toute facture concernant des réparations ou des vérifications d’appareils  doit être payée avant que la marchandise soit retournée au client.

Les frais de transport et de réemballage ne sont pas considérés comme étant sous la garantie et sont payables par le client. (Exception : pas de frais de transport à payer si moins de 25% de la durée de la garantie sont écoulés).

Si dans le cas peu probable qu’un appareil (garantie/hors-garantie) soit réparé plus d’une fois sur une periode de 3 mois pour le même problème, la réparation, le transport et la main d’œuvre seront à la charge de Silhouet-Tone.
Appareils/ accessoire Non garantie

Les frais de vérification d’un appareil qui n’est plus sous garantie sont de 85$. Si une réparation est nécessaire, des frais supplémentaires de 85$ de l’heure seront applicables.

Nos zones desservies par le service technique couvrent les distances de 0 à 100 km et ce à partir de nos bureaux de Québec, de Laval, de Montréal et de Toronto. Dans les zones desservies par l’un de nos techniciens, des frais de déplacement de 85$ seront applicables ainsi que des frais additionnels pour son taux horaire et kilométrage.

La décision de faire déplacer ou non un technicien est à la discrétion de Silhouet-Tone.


Appareils/ accessoires Garantie

Dans le cas d’une vérification d’un appareil sous garantie : Les frais de réparation ou du changement d’une pièce sont sans frais. Par contre, s’il advenait que l’appareil n’avait aucun problème, Silhouet-Tone se réserve le droit de charger les frais du technicien au client.

Pour de plus amples informations sur nos services techniques, veuillez contacter notre service après-ventes au 450-687-9456 poste 129.

1er Septembre, 2015
Frais de transport non-inclus*
Structure Bois : 2 ans
                Structure Métal : Garantie à vie limitée / Propriétaire originel (Main d’œuvre 2 ans)
Moteur Électrique et Hydraulique : 2 ans
              Télécommande et Pédale : 1 an
Coussin (Cuirette et rembourrage) : 5 ans
Appareils : 2 ans (Voir politique de garantie Silhouet-Tone)
IPL: 1 an (Incluant les bras)
6 mois
RMD : Calibration annuelle requise ** Frais applicables
IPL : Prix d’entretien du IPL – Voir liste de prix page 1*
(Vapo, Combo Cirrus 500, Vac-spray, Haute-Fréquence, Brosse rotative, Iontoderm,  Sterilux, Chauffes-cire)
2 ans
1 an
1 an