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Radiofrequency in aesthetics?

Do you know the benefits of radiofrequency in aesthetics?

The cult of beauty and eternal youth has never been so far. Aging has become socially unacceptable. Each wrinkle and sagging skin are scrutinized and will be subject to a final judgment.

Under such social pressure, calls for esthetic care are multiplying.

If surgery remains a classic, new softer and less radical solutions can find a smoother face and a firmer body at a lower cost and with a shorter recovery time. One of the most popular methods is undoubtedly radio frequency.

The benefits of radiofrequency in aesthetics are no longer to prove. Safe technique when it is well dosed, it has the advantage of not requiring recovery time in addition to being economical, which makes it particularly popular with female and male customers, keen on quick and painless results.

The aesthetic radiofrequency in three major stages

Radiofrequency in aesthetics is based on a simple principle: the emission of RF electromagnetic waves that will penetrate the different layers of the skin (normally at a depth of 5 to 15 mm) depending on density and tissue conductivity and generate heat. The warming of the targeted area will instinctively trigger a protective reaction of the skin tissue, ie the formation of new and better quality younger collagen in order to tighten the tissues and firm the skin. Applied on the face, radio frequency will help fight wrinkles and smooth them.

Used on fat pads, it will cause the breakdown of fat cells and the reorganization of the tissue, to reshape the body by reducing fat.

Radiofrequency has known in recent years an exponential evolution in the aesthetic field:

1. Technology first unipolar and requiring a return electrode, it is still found in industry, alone or combined with ultrasound.

2. The next generation relies on a bipolar configuration that eliminates the need for the return electrode and provides better temperature control. However, it has the disadvantage of treating only small areas at a time, ie half the distance between the poles. Several radiofrequency devices are based on this model, which nevertheless gives rise to a certain sensitivity and slight edema. Still, these inconveniences last only a few days (three to five in general).

3. Some radio frequency systems adopt the multipolar distribution model. The principle of action is the same as bipolar devices but the number of poles is multiplied to increase the treatment area. Only downside, this active surface, although increased, is still limited to half the distance between the poles. Today, we are witnessing a revolution of the radiofrequency in aesthetics: More poles, but an active surface enlarged and heated uniformly thanks to a completely redesigned distribution mode: a power transmission toroidal configuration. The newest radiofrequency device in aesthetics, the MPR Toroidal RF system, increases the treated area by creating overlapping energy fields. No longer limited by poles, the active surface becomes optimal and the results are there.

That’s not all. Since energy fields overlap in pairs, there is also a uniform distribution of heat for consistent results.

There is also a better control of the temperature which is supervised by a triple security device: luminous, audible and digital display. The operator does not even have to look up to check the temperature. The color of the indicator of the electrode gives him the correct time. As the distributed heat is homogeneous, the treatment is also more comfortable for the client while efficiency is at its best. Made in Canada, the MPR Toroidal RF system meets the highest standards of quality and safety. The device is approved by Health Canada under Class III.

A profitable investment

With an aging population and a growing demand for efficient and painless rejuvenation devices, it is a requirement to propose such a system for an institute to survive today, not only to increase their customer base but also to build loyalty. Advances in radiofrequency indicate that this technology is here to stay. Offering the best device for a young and firm skin at the best price will make all the difference for the professionals of the aesthetics that will quickly absorb the cost in some cures of youth. This highly profitable investment will bring an invaluable added value to their institute while increasing their notoriety.

To learn more about the RF toroidal MPR system, visit our web site.

Erika Gendron Cater


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