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OMEGA 7 LED Magnifying Lamp

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OMEGA 7 LED Magnifying Lamp

With its modern and ergonomic design, the OMEGA 7 MAGNIFYING LAMP is a “must have” in any spa. Lightweight, its lens measures 7 inches diameter with a 3 diopter (1.75X) magnifying capacity. Its 60 LEDs and 2 brightness levels provide a superior vision for your work.

Sturdily designed in high grade engineered plastic, its joint and arm are flexible and allow a better positioning of the head and an effortless handling.

Furthermore, the lenses are interchangeable quickly without any additional tools.

Please note that the 5 diopter lenses (Product Code: 413804) are compatible with this lamp, an added value for anyone who is looking for more versatility at an affordable price.

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