Silhouet-Tone Corporation


Essential Multi-Function

The Combo Cirrus 500 combines the benefits of 4 essential aesthetic functions and 2 specialized procedures for a series of unique face care with optimal results.

  1. Sanitizing function: equipped with an insulated handle.  Used for skin cleansing, for its stimulating and soothing effects and to enhance cosmetic products absorption.
  2. Rotary brushes: bi-directional.  Used to cleanse the skin by removing dead skin.
  3. Micro-Effleurage: 2 treatment modes (rhythmic/ continuous). Light suction used to energize, remove fluid from the skin surface, prepares the skin to receive anti-aging cosmetic products and increases their effectiveness.
  4. Infusion face treatments: Used for its energising effect and to facilitate better cosmetic product absorption while respecting skin pH balance. Cirrus is equipped with an electrical protection device.


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