Silhouet-Tone sets itself apart by its ability to innovate and its state-of-the-art technology. The company specializes in 2 areas of expertise:

The manufacturing of furniture designed exclusively for professionals. The company offers a wide range of exceptional and comfortable pieces suitable for any workspace, from beauty care institutes to salons and medical-esthetic clinics. Each creation is focussed on the well-being of the beauty care professional and the client.

Silhouet-Tone equipment, synonymous with technology and esthetics. An incredible selection that maximizes tremendous professional know-how in areas that include anti-aging, photobiostimulation, permanent hair removal, microdermabrasion, and several other technologies in the pipeline.


Made in North America, from A to Z!

To meet client expectations, Silhouet-Tone wants to maintain vertical and horizontal control over production, as well as flawless quality control. From product design to shipping and everything in between, the company does not subcontract a single thing! By having this type of in-house production and control, Silhouet-Tone can offer prices that are fair, without the added costs associated with outsourcing.

The Research & Development Department is intentionally staffed with engineers who have experience in the field of esthetics and medical devices. That said, they are perfectly suited to diagnose, understand and even anticipate current and future problems that are specific to this industry. At Silhouet-Tone, our engineers speak the same language as our clients.

Ground-breaking innovations

Since its inception, Silhouet-Tone has been an industry pioneer and has never ceased to innovate, continually introducing ground-breaking equipment.

Its history is marked by countless inventions that were often copied but never matched. The Skin Remodeling System is the latest device and combines no fewer than five technologies. Its goal is to restructure lax skin and Silhouet-Tone is the only company to have mastered this new technology and the only manufacturer to market a device that meets all the required safety standards.

Being ahead of the game is simply the result of years of experience, our strong investment in research and development and, above all, our spirited desire to innovate and to revolutionize the esthetics industry by capitalizing on our one of a kind know-how.

An international reputation!

With offices in Canada, the United States and Switzerland, a large distribution network that stretches across every continent and employees from 24 different nationalities, Silhouet-Tone spreads its North American know-how across the globe.

Silhouet-Tone can boast about having a global and international understanding of its market, something it has gained through enriching and extensive experience.

From the most prominent spas in Paris and the most opulent hotel chains in Dubai to the most renowned medical spas and clinics in the world, Silhouet-Tone’s goal has always remained the same: to be a choice partner for its local and international clientele.

Silhouet-Tone, more than a manufacturer, a business advisor

At Silhouet-Tone, we do not simply sell a piece of equipment. We always offer comprehensive training since our goal is to provide owners with an opportunity to get the most from their newest purchase. Safety, the science behind the technology and the various technical features are all covered during the training. The sharing of knowledge is part of our vision of what constitutes a true partnership.

The training is cleverly supplemented with a business component.  Sales techniques adapted to the esthetics industry are taught so that businesses can achieve their key goal: grow and increase sales, while meeting customer needs.  The goal of this marketing approach is to provide the average person with good “sales reflexes” and to be able to make strategic decisions with regards to the purchase of new equipment.  New business owners will therefore be able to take the necessary actions that will allow them to give their business a boost.