Gorgeous Bridal Glow

Gorgeous Bridal Glow

Offer to your clients the Gorgeous Bridal Glow skin care. Regardless of the event your clients will be attending; wedding, graduation or even a first date with her prince charming, offer them the chance to renew their skin by giving them an instant burst of radiance and luminous complexion of the face, neck and neckline!

Do not delay to offer them this impeccable skin care, all eyes will be on them!

Each beautician should have her secret recipe to offer her clients a clear and luminous skin for their ‘’big’’ day. Follow the steps of this beauty concoction:

1-      Apply the Peeling AHA on the face, neck and neckline
2-      Activate the steamer Blu Stream towards the face, neck and neckline for about 10 minutes
3-      Rinse with a humid gauze
4-      In a shaker, pour 50 ml of water as well as the entire package of the Citrus Duo Shooter Mask. Shake it.
5-      Apply the mask
6-      Let sit for 15 minutes
7-      Remove the mask with a spatula
8-      Rinse with a humid gauze
9-      Apply the Pump’Énergy Eye Contour Gel around the eyes
10-   Apply the Glow Boosting Serum on the face, neck and neckline
11-   Apply the Protecting Cream on the face, neck and neckline

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